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Congrats on doing so well at Najyrc! You look fabulous in that picture!

Thanks!!! :) Ky definitely had its ups and downs but overall it was an amazing experience!

"No one likes sitting trot - except dressage riders, but they’re just weird."

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1000% true

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I can confirm this. 

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Hey! Why do you use a double bridle? I just don't know why some do and some don't

Hi! Since I show at FEI Juniors, I am required to use a double bridle.  In dressage, riders must wear double bridles in Juniors, Young Riders, from PSG and up and they are optional at 3rd and 4th level in national competition. 

They are used to give riders more control in the collection required for upper level dressage.  Lots of riders who compete at these levels don’t ride in the double all the time however (i.e. Charlotte Dujardin).  Personally with my horse, I find that sometimes it can be easy to loose the feeling of when she is truly with me and on my seat (vs on my hands) in the double since the curb can back them off.  When I get to this point, my trainer has me go back to the snaffle for a few rides to get that more honest feeling in the collection and also to get her working into the bridle and stretching over her top line for the extended walk, etc.  

Young horses also don’t use them since they have not developed the strength that is necessary for so much collection and connection.  The pressure of the double would just be too overwhelming and back them off too much. 

Liza Wilson and Fleurina

Matthias Alexander Rath and Totilas won the Grand Prix at CHIO Aachen 2014 
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Good job getting fourth today!! :D

Thank you so much!!!!



We made it!!! #najyrc

You guys are stabled a few rows down from me! :)

Come say hi!!! :)